How working in an office may affect your spine

Sitting down at our desk in the office the whole day puts a lot of pressure on our back and spine. It is even worse than standing for long hours. Simple changes need to be done at our office to ensure we do not put unnecessary strain on our back which will cause problems to our spine and give us back problems.

Work desk

Our work desk is often cluttered up with lots of stuffs and everything is out of reach. Things like our computer mouse, telephone and stationery often require us to stretch out and reach for them. Our computer screen is normally not at our eye level. All these stretching and twisting movement put a lot of pressure on our back and may injure our spine.


We spend most of our day sitting on the chair, often in the incorrect posture. We tend to slouch and place our leg on the desk. All these improper posture will cause a lot of strain to be placed on the back and deprive them of the necessary support required. Make sure you always sit upright when you are using the computer and  always rest your feet on the ground or on a foot rest.

Lack of movement

Office work promotes a lack of movement lifestyle which will weaken our muscles in the long term. Always make it a point to do some stretching every half an hour to work out the spine muscles. Whenever possible, exercise regularly as a strong back muscle is able to help support the upper body better and promotes good posture.

Heavy lifting

Some office jobs require occasional lifting of heavy objects and injuries frequently occur due to improper lifting techniques. When you are lifting heavy things, always kneel on one knee and slowly lift the object up, keeping your spine straight throughout and using your leg and abdominal muscles.

Self stress

We are often under a lot of stress at our workplace but most of it is self induced. When we are stressed up, our muscles will start to become tensed up and this will make us more prone to injury and have a lower pain tolerance. Sometimes, the pain felt in the back could be mentally and not physically. Always take in deep breaths when you are feeling stressed up and take a walk around the office or go for a short coffee break in the pantry.

A poor work environment can plague us and cause back problems. Always make time to turn your work place into a conducive and healthy one. Take steps to address issues which may cause back problems or even aggravate them.

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