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Sports Injury Treatment

With initiatives like Active SG, and the availability of sports facilities island wide there is no dearth of avenues to ...
Sports Injuries are a common occurrence in Singapore given the inclination of Singaporeans to indulge actively in sports. Fitness is top priority for most of us and popular sports like soccer, cycling, swimming, badminton and running are liked by all age groups to stay fit and healthy.

With initiatives like Active SG, and the availability of sports facilities island wide there is no dearth of avenues to practice & play one’s favourite sport.

But sometimes an injury can put the brakes and take away all the pleasure. Sports and Injuries are like two sides of the same coin. No matter which sport you play or how carefully you play; risk of injury is inevitable. So, being a sportsman doesn’t always mean giving your best form, but also being able to manage injuries and recover quickly if they happen.

Most of the sports injury are musculoskeletal and can be easily treated at the Singapore Sports & Orthopaedic Clinic.

Preventing Sports Injuries

Prevention better than cure, is a wise old adage and certainly effective. Here are few things we can mindful of –

  1. Always Warm Up before your game or exercise routine
  2. Train adequately. Don’t overdo in the first few sessions
  3. Practice proper techniques of the game
  4. Wear proper protective gear
  5. Play on an even surface
  6. Listen to your body, take rest when you need
  7. Consult your doctor before returning to the sport

Sports Injuries and the healing process

Surely, one is always at risk of hurt when playing any sport. And in the event that you have injured yourself always consult the sports doctor first rather trying to treat yourself with friendly or unsolicited advice. It is difficult to gauge seriousness of the matter. At times, a major injury can heal faster with proper treatment while a minor muscle problem can make your movement troublesome for months to come. Sports Medicine is the area of specialisation which works best here, and one must seek medical attention from a qualified Sports Medicine Doctor at an appropriate medical facility.

Ankle Sprain, Groin Pull, Hamstring Strain, Knee Injury, Tennis Elbow, Back Injury are common grievances reported by sportsmen; and be categorised as a minor sports injury. On the other hand, ligament tears, dislocation and fractures are the more serious ones that require emergency medical care and rehab.  Athletes may be also experience chronic groin pain resulting from Sports Hernia which can sometimes be difficult to diagnose.

How does Sports Medicine help

Sports injuries like bruises, sprains, tears, muscle injury, dislocation, hairline fractures and so on can be easily treated with the combination of medication, topical dressing and sports physiotherapy by consulting a Sports Medicine Physician. Indeed, most of the sports injuries can be cured by the right Orthopedic care.  Orthopaedic Specialists focus on skeletal deformities, disorder or injury of muscles, ligament, nerves or in the short the musculoskeletal system. In fact, non-sports related conditions for all ages can be treated through this technique. Even those who have these abnormalities by birth can get benefited with Orthopedic treatment.

Sports Medicine physician

Playing certain sports needs high energy, resulting in a considerable amount of muscle function. Also, the rigorous training which is involved throughout makes your muscle to work out of their comfort level. Sometimes the extra load or a wrong posture or an impactful kick can dislocate it. These things are quite common for many sports person. Ignoring a sprain or injury which might look as normal can take years to heal. Proper diagnosis can tell how deep the injury is and help to plan the best regime to heal it within the shortest span of time. A Sports Physician is the best person to administer a post-injury recovery

Sports Medicine Physicians are primary caregivers, prescribing treatments for professionals and amateurs sports persons so that they can be back to form as soon as possible. They’re trained in a manner to address sports injury, nutrition and injury prevention.

Sports Clinic in Singapore

Singapore Sports and Orthopaedic clinic has a panel of doctors specialised in treating all types of sports injuries. Our practice does orthopedic surgeries, treatments, pain relief, and sports injury recovery and therapy.

Our team of experienced specialists, physiotherapists are always ready to treat you with the best of options. And the supporting team of nurses and admin staff take utmost care of a patient in making them extremely comfortable while they get treated for their injury.

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