Hip pain when walking? Hip pain when sitting? Hip pain at night? It’s bad. We feel you! 

Hip pain often starts with you finding it difficult to sit or squat, or even experience an immense amount of pain when doing so. Most of the people affected with hip pain often have a tough time sitting and sleeping at night. 

Depending on the condition that’s causing your hip pain, you might feel the discomfort in your: 

  • Thigh 
  • Inside of the hip joint 
  • Groin 
  • Outside of the hip joint
  • Buttocks

Some common causes for hip pain are: 

Getting a surgery done or going for the hip replacement is not the only way one can relieve one’s hip pain. There are some alternative methods or treatments which can help a you deal with your hip pain in a better way. 

Please seek help from our specialists if your hip pain came suddenly, caused by fall or other injuries, grown intense, or if you are unable to move or put weight on your hip.