Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Causes and Treatment

Learn more about the causes of shoulder pain problems. Get effective shoulder pain treatment from our shoulder specialists and doctors ...

Shoulder pain when lifting arm? Shoulder pain at night? Shoulder pain and neck pain? Let’s understand more about the problem and the possible treatments.

A painful shoulder can make even simple tasks difficult to do. You might find it hard to use your arm or your hand. But getting the right treatment can help.

Your shoulder is the most flexible joint in your body. But its wide range of movement also means that it’s easy to injure your shoulder. Shoulder pain is any pain in or around your shoulder joint. You may feel the pain most when you reach behind your back or overhead.

There are many reasons why you may get a painful shoulder. You can injure your shoulder by performing manual labour, playing sports, or even by repetitive movement.

More than 6 in 10 people who have shoulder pain also have problems with their tendons, which is the tissues that connect muscles to bone. Four tendons called the rotator cuff holds your shoulder joint in place. It may be painful or difficult to lift your arm over your head if the tendons or bones around the rotator cuff are damaged or swollen. Sometimes your tendons might get trapped under the bony arch in your shoulder. This pinching can damage your tendons, causing inflammation.

Below is the list of shoulder problems:

If your shoulder pain is becoming unbearable, consider seeking help from professionals for physical therapy, medications, or surgery if necessary.

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