Difference Between Chiropractor and Orthopaedic Doctors

An unfortunate accident occurred one day while you were playing contact sports and that left you with a knee injury. You know that you need to consult a medical professional for this injury and you start to evaluate the options available. Should you go to an Orthopaedic doctor or should you go to a Chiropractor? Each has its own advantages. For some cases, chiropractic sports are great to treat certain injuries while some injuries fall outside the jurisdiction of chiropractic and only orthopaedic surgery can treat them.

Who are Chiropractors and how do they treat an injury? First of all, Chiropractors are not medical doctors and they do not prescribe medications. Chiropractors believe in hands on and alternative treatment instead of surgery. They believe that the body is able to heal on its own. For example, if mobility to a certain part of the body is observed, they will manipulate that particular part to regain mobility. A visit to a Chiropractor usually cost a lot lesser than a visit to an Orthopaedic doctor. Some chiropractors even make the first consultation complimentary. Not only that, you are also able to fix an appointment at an earlier date as compared to an appointment with an Orthopaedic doctor. However, multiple visits to Chiropractors are required to be able to see results and in the long term, it may cost more than a visit to the latter.

Orthopaedic doctors on the other hand are medical doctors. They specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of our musculoskeletal system. Many people have the idea that orthopaedic doctors are doctors who will recommend surgery for everything, from a torn meniscus to a dislocated bone. This is not true. Orthopaedic doctors will often only recommend surgery when all other available options are exhausted. If the injury can be treated with physical therapy, they will recommend that unless patients insist on surgery in the first place. Orthopaedic doctors will make use of medical technologies such as X-Rays and MRI scans to tell the patient what exactly is wrong with their body. They are also able to prescribe pain relief medications be it orally or via injections, something that Chiropractors are not able to.

Deciding on a visit either to a Chiropractor or an Orthopaedic doctor is purely the decision of the patient. As a patient, you need to know what type of injury you have suffered and make your decision based on that. Different people prefer different things and be sure to know what results you really want.

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  1. I did an X-ray for severe neck and lower back pain. I am how recommended to have at least 48 sessions of 3 times a week Chiro sessions . I would like a second opinion on this as I do not know if I really need this or see an orthopedic doctor. ALSo I am wondering if the local hospital has Chiro adjustments if we need them.

  2. My name is Kristi. I was in a bad car accident went when I was 16. I am now 33. I have an MRI on my neck and they said my neck hoes up and down. Now I am having lower back problems with my spin right above my back bone its really bad. It feels like its rubbing bone on bone. People tell me I need to go to a chiropractor ill be honest I think if they popped or adjusted my spine it would her and probley put me in a will chair. But then again maybe it will help. But I’m scared. Please tell me what I should do.I need professional advise.

    1. Hi, if you need professional advise then go to an orthopedist. Leaving your spinal faith in hands only and not so more exhaustive studies could be a risk. I will go for safety first. It’s your back and body what is on the table.

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