When to See a Doctor for an Ankle Pain?

Ankle pain is a common injury with various causes. From a sprain to a sudden onset of a painful sensation, ankle pain hinders one in functioning normally. There are degrees of pain that we could all handle with a couple of ibuprofen and a compress but there are cases wherein a doctor’s visit is warranted.

Singaporeans are all familiar with ankle pain—having been working and running errands all day. While some can handle the ache with simple massages, liniment oils, pain-relief patches, and even drinking generic ibuprofen and other NSAIDs, it is still best to monitor your ankle and look for signs that you might need to see a doctor.

Here are some common signs and measures that might convince you when your ankle needs some doctor’s advice:

You have been recently wounded

While some might argue that wounds do not have a lasting effect once healed, your ankle pain might beg to differ when it can probably be caused by an infection when the wound was still fresh.

In fact, according to the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention, wounds can get infected at a rate of up to 27%, so it is best to check your doctor once the pain in your ankle occurs after recently having an open wound.

You have been experiencing it for an extended period of time

Many of us turn a blind eye every time we experience ankle pain for days, or even weeks, or worst, months! We just brush this off and say to ourselves that it will pass and heal on its own.

But we fail to realize that this can be a medical concern and personal trouble, especially when it burdens our studies, jobs, and even everyday life. The pain might be caused by a more serious problem, so it is better to get checked when the pain in your ankle has been occurring for an extended period of time.

You cannot stand properly

One of the concerning effects of ankle pain is not being able to stand properly. This becomes a big hurdle in your life as we can attribute the majority of the things we do with standing.

No questions asked, this is a medical concern that must get checked by the doctor as soon as possible to avoid further complications and trouble. It might be caused by a dislocation in the ankle bone, or a wide tear in the muscle, and even a lack of blood flow in the part of the ankle.

Other than these major flags, there are more factors why your ankle is in pain, so the better thing to do when you are experiencing ankle pain is to go to trusted physicians and clinics that specialise in bone and muscle health like Singapore Sports and Orthopaedic Clinic.

The clinic is filled with top-of-the-line physical therapists, muscle and bone doctors, and medical practitioners that will truly help you in resolving your ankle pain. With their easy booking system online, you can choose a flexible date for you.

If location is the problem, telemedicine service is available that can help you get diagnosed and checked even if you are far away from their clinic, a very easy and convenient way of asking a doctor at the comfort of your own home. Navigate the website and read more about the clinic.

We all experience some pain in our body sometimes, but to some extent, it becomes troubling and hinders our everyday life. Be relieved from the pain. Get checked by professionals especially when what you are experiencing is no longer normal.

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