5 Ways to Reduce and Relieve Ankle Pain

Our ankle joint is a complex structure involving bones, tendons and ligaments that helps to provide a wide range of motion including inversion, eversion, extension and flexion. These motions are responsible in providing stability and locomotion for the body. Our ankle bears the full weight of our body and any forces that are acting on it are of significance. Daily actions such as walking, running and jumping will have a huge impact.  As a result, ankle pain is a common complaint experienced by many. What are some ways to reduce and relieve ankle pain?

Stop wearing flats

Flats are simple and comfortable shoes for all ladies out there. However, flats provide virtually no form of support for the ankle. People with ankle pain complaints suffer from pronation which is the inward rolling of the foot towards the arch. A pair of flats does not have anything to prevent pronation and does not help at all. In fact, it can worsen the situation.

Gel inserts

Although flats are comfortable, they provide no form of support for the foot. Instead, you should consider using gel inserts if you really need to wear your flats. Gel inserts provide a firm yet responsive cushioning for your foot and helps to prevent pronation. It also helps to absorb shocks and relieves stresses acting on the soft tissues.

Walking on flat surfaces

Flat surfaces are the best for our ankles. They allow proper heel striking by our foot and provide a firm surface to land on. However, we do not have the luxury of flat surfaces wherever we go. There are always uneven and bumpy surfaces which must be avoided when possible. These uneven surfaces increase the risk of injuries.

Using ice packs

During an ankle injury, blood from surrounding areas gushes towards the injured part. Using an ice pack can help to constrict these blood vessels and reduce swelling to a great extent. Always remember to place a piece of cloth over your skin before putting on the ice pack to prevent frost bite.


Massages help to increase blood flow and circulation and are beneficial for patients with injured ankles. Due to the increased circulation of healthy and clean blood, growth repair cells are rapidly being transported to the injured region, aiding recovery.

Ankle pain is a common complaint and it can cause a lot of discomfort and inconvenience. By following the 5 ways mentioned above, you can be sure of reducing and relieving ankle pain.

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