Benefits of Getting a Total Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement surgery is a procedure which is hugely widespread done to improve the hip joints which have been damaged or worn out due to injuries or medical conditions. If not corrected, it will bring pain and loss of mobility to the patient.

There are many reasons as to why someone may opt to undergo total hip replacement surgery. Some of the common reasons are suffering from severe pain, loss of mobility in hips resulting in difficulty moving, tumors in the bone, bone fracture, severe pain and arthritis. Total hip replacement surgery is often the last resort. Doctors will often prescribe anti-inflammatory medication; recommend physical therapy and modification of daily activities and intensity. Walking aids such as cane will also be recommended. If all these fail, total hip replacement is then the only resort left.

There are many benefits of total hip replacement surgery. Benefits include:

Pain free

A total hip replacement surgery replaces the damaged articulating surfaces with artificial ones that are smooth. Thus, it eliminates pain.

Increased mobility

Prior to surgery, the damaged hip joint is stiff, causing loss of mobility. As the replacement joints are smooth, it increases mobility and range of motion.

Better quality of life

With lesser pain and improved mobility after surgery, easy daily tasks can now be performed without much problems faced, leading to a better life that is more active and independent.

Increased muscular strength

Patients with total hip replacement have higher abductor muscle strength that may be due to the sutures at the surgery site. Suture increases the stability of the hip joints and central bearing, resulting in greater muscular strength.

Pain free sleep at night

With a pain free life after surgery, the patient is able to sleep throughout the night without any pain and interruptions.

Getting rid of medications

After surgery, pain relief medication that was prescribed previously can now be discarded.

Long lasting prosthesis

The most commonly used material is polymethylmethacrylate which is long lasting and durable and can usually last between 10 to 15 years on average.

Ability to engage in sporting activities

With a new hip in place, patients are able to engage in their favorite sporting activities without any limitations.

Surgery is not a pleasant procedure and is often dreaded by many. But for people suffering from medical conditions, it may be the only way to let them lead a normal life. Total hip replacement allows the patient to restore original functions and roles to the injured joints and relieving pain.

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