Iliobtibial Band Syndrome

What is Iliobtibial Band Syndrome ? Iliobtibial Band Syndrome is a knee injury usually linked with running, cycling, squats or ...

What is Iliobtibial Band Syndrome ?

Iliobtibial Band Syndrome is a knee injury usually linked with running, cycling, squats or weight lifting. The iliobtibial band is a strong, thick band of fibrous tissue that runs along the outside of the leg. This band works with the thigh muscles to provide stability to the outside of the knee joint during movement.

Symptoms of Iliobtibial Band Syndrome

Symptoms of Iliobtibial Band Syndrome may vary from person to person in intensity. Some of the symptoms are listed below –

  • Pain when running or other activities involving the knee.
  • A tickling sensation when the band rubs against the knee.
  • Lasting pain after exercise
  • Redness around the knee
  • Knee is too soft to touch
  • Tenderness in the buttock area

Symptoms usually start showing in a short time after starting the physical activity. The most common symptom of iliobtibial band syndrome is pain on the outside of the knee that can worsen if the person continues the activity causing the pain.

How is Iliobtibial Band Syndrome diagnosed

It is very easy to identify Iliobtibial Band Syndrome. A family doctor / a physical therapist / a trainer can help diagnose the problem. Firstly the doctor speaks to the patient about their symptoms. They will enquire about when the pain began and what activities caused the pain.

The doctor then shall perform the Ober’s test. For this test, the patient lies on their pain-free side with the bottom knee and hip at a 90 degree angle. The doctor steadies the pelvis and then lifts the affected leg. They then bring the hip back towards the ground. A person tests positive for IT band syndrome when there is less than 10 degree angle from the natural horizontal position.

Treatment for Iliobtibial Band Syndrome

Some of the most common ways to treat Iliobtibial Band Syndrome are –

  • Resting and avoiding activities that aggravate the problem
  • Apply ice to IT band
  • Massage the affected area
  • Consume anti-inflammatory medications
  • Ultrasounds and electro-therapies to reduce tension

Best Exercises

Any athlete or sportsperson who runs enough can be affected with Iliobtibial Band Syndrome. However there are some stretching exercises that can help treat this condition.

Here are list of the best exercises –

  • Glute stretch
  • Standing stretch
  • Foam Roller stretch
  • Standing or lying hip abduction

Consultation for Iliobtibial Band Syndrome in Singapore

We at Singapore Sports and Orthopaedic Clinic are located conveniently in the Central Part of Singapore at Gleneagles Medical Centre. We have been closely working with 35 insurance companies for cashless payments. We also have e-filing facility available at our clinic. Please feel free to contact us regarding treatment for Iliobtibial Band Syndrome.


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