Osteitis Pubis

What is Osteitis Pubis ? Osteitis Pubis is a non-infectious painful overuse condition that affects the pelvis. It usually  occurs ...

What is Osteitis Pubis ?

Osteitis Pubis is a non-infectious painful overuse condition that affects the pelvis. It usually  occurs during kicking activities, ice skating and dance. It affects an area at the front of the pelvis known as Pubic Symphysis. The pubic symphysis is a cartilaginous joint that sits between and joins left and right the superior rami of the pubic bones. This means that only a limited amount of motion is allowed at this joint.

Symptoms of Osteitis Pubis

The most typical symptom of osteitis pubis is pain at the Pubic Symphysis area. Frequently the diagnosis of osteitis pubis is confused with causes of groin pain or a groin strain. Generally, the symptom is pain in the middle of the pelvis, although one side may be more uncomfortable. Other symptoms are weakness or limping.

Osteitis pubis is sometimes confused with osteomyelitis which is infection of the bone. On imaging studies, these conditions often have similar results. However, infections will typically be accompanied by symptoms like fevers, chills, sweats. In addition, there are laboratory studies which can help differentiate osteomyelitis from a osteitis pubis.

Osteitis Pubis Diagnosis

Diagnosis of the patient is generally characterized by tenderness in front of the bone. Under severe cases the patient can have an unusual gait pattern. X-rays of patients will normally show a not so regular pubic symphysis with sclerotic bone edges and noticeable chronic inflammation. An MRI test is not required but will usually show joint inflammation and the surrounding bone.

Tests can be done to make sure that there is no bone infection that could cause similar kind of symptoms. This is usually more of a concern in people who are prone to infections or have had surgery lately.

Treatment for Osteitis Pubis

Until of late there was no specific treatment available for osteitis pubis. Anti-inflammatory medication, stretching and strengthening of the stabilizing muscles are often prescribed to treat the pain and inflammation.

Surgical intervention is attempted in rare severe cases. The problem with it is that the success rate is too low. The surgery may later lead to pelvic problems. The area of hip arthroscopy has introduced endoscopic resection of the pubic symphysis which has a greater success rate with less issues. Osteitis Pubis if not treated properly and early can end a sportsperson’s career or give them an uncertain playing future.

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