What is Hip Pointer?

A hip pointer injury is an extremely painful, acute injury to the iliac crest of the pelvis. The injury causes bleeding into the abdominal muscles, which attach to the iliac crest. The bone and overlying muscle are often bruised, and the pain can be intense. Pain may be felt when walking, laughing, coughing, or even breathing deeply.

Hip pointers are the result of a direct blow to the iliac crest, whether from a direct hit from a helmet, or a hard fall.

What are the causes?

  • A direct blow to the pelvis

What are the treatments?

Most hip pointers will heal with conservative treatment. If you suspect a serious injury, you should see a physician to have a full physical exam. While uncommon, a severe blow to the hip may result in a bone fracture.

It’s important that the athlete not return to quickly to activity. Athletes who play sports or start exercising with continued pain and tenderness often compensate by altering their gait and technique. The result if this may be another injury to different body part.