What is Slipped Disc?

The disks are protective shock-absorbing pads between the bones of the spine. Slipped Disc cause the disk to fail, allowing the gel to escape into the surrounding tissue. The leaking jellylike substance can place pressure on the spinal cord and cause symptoms of pain either around the damaged disk or anywhere along the area controlled by that nerve.

Causes of Slipped Disc

  • Aging
  • Loss of elasticity of the disks and supporting structures
  • Injury from improper lifting
  • Excessive strain forces
  • Sudden forceful acute trauma

Symptoms of Slipped Disc

  • Pain with movement of the legs
  • Difficulty controlling bowel movements or bladder function
  • Numbness, tingling, weakness, or pain in the buttocks, back, legs, or feet
  • Pain down the back of each leg from the buttocks to the knee

Treatment for Slipped Disc

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