A Guide to Self-Massage for Tendonitis Sufferers

When it comes to tendonitis, it can be very painful for those who suffer with it. There are a variety of treatment options out there, but one stands out as a way you can help to heal yourself and get through the painful days you may have. Self-massage techniques can help you to relieve the pain and also to accelerate your healing. Take a look at this guide to deep friction massage techniques you can do on yourself at home or wherever you may be.

What is Deep Friction Massage?

This technique is basically “scrubbing” the tendon fibers and in most cases helps to heal the tendons themselves. In essence it doesn’t have to be a deep, deep massage but just one that can help to stimulate the natural healing process your body can do on its own. This method is one that is safe for you to utilize because it does not add chemicals to your body and it is a free method to try out to see if it can work for you.

How to Perform Friction Massage

This is different from a typical massage and it’s important that you learn the proper technique to use. You are going to use gentle rubbing motions over the spot of tendonitis and make sure that it runs perpendicular to the tendon itself. You want to rub gently at the point where you find the most tenderness. After a couple minutes of rubbing the sensitivity shall subside and it will not be as tender. Although it will subside after a few minutes, do remember you are rubbing an active sore site so it will have some pain as well. This motion should be similar to strumming your guitar.

After this has been done you will want to ice the spot you have massaged. Make sure you only put the bare ice on the spot for about a minute or two. This will help you to reduce inflammation as well. You should start to feel relief from this massage therapy technique very soon after you have done this treatment.

Make sure you do this once a day and be sure to put the ice on afterwards. This may not work for everyone but if you are suffering with tendonitis, it is sure worth a try. This should take you less than six minutes to do and you can repeat this daily.