Nutrition Secrets for Ligament Tear Recovery

The ligament is a fibrous tissue and its main function is to connect bones to another bone and prevent abnormal joint motions. Injuries to ligaments will take a long time to heal. However, good nutrition can help to speed up the recovery process. The vitamins and minerals in food can help to facilitate healing.

Proteolytic enzymes

The first step of any injury is to reduce inflammation in the region and foods that contain Proteolytic enzymes are especially useful due to its anti-inflammatory properties which help to eliminate protein from the injured region. Foods that are rich in proteolytic enzymes include pineapples and ginger roots.


Zinc is another mineral that is excellent in combating inflammation. The way our body works is fascinating. When one part of the body is injured, it will divert all the zinc in the body to the injured part to counter inflammation. As such, other parts of the body will have a zinc deficiency. In order to prevent zinc deficiency, it is important to consume foods that are rich in zinc such as oysters, wheat germ and veal liver.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has excellent anti-inflammatory properties as well and when worked together with Proteolytic enzymes, it provides an even better result. Vitamin C is not a vitamin that they body can self synthesize. As such, patients will need to consume it in order for the body to possess it. Vitamin C is also required to produce collagen in the body and this is important in ligament healing. Foods that are rich in Vitamin C include citrus fruits, broccoli and tomatoes.


Protein is the building block of our body and it is required by the body for any healing process. Protein can easily be obtained from foods such as tofu, meat, eggs and soy products. Protein deficiency will lead to various ailments in the body.


Although the body’s metabolism is low during injury, there is still a need to consume sufficient calories on a daily basis. Calories are required in the healing process and if patients decide to cut down severely on their calorie intake, this will slow down the recovery process.

Ligament injuries will require physical therapy, surgery and proper nutrition to ensure a speedy recovery. Proper nutrition is not difficult to achieve. Although your movements will be severely limited, you can always ask a dear one to help you out in ensuring you receive sufficient nutrition daily.







    1. if u dint take a surgery,then u made a mistake..20 days wont be sufficient ,that too in the knee

  2. Rahul i have same problem for more than 8 years.. Did you get any solution .. Pls message me at 9003552268

  3. Rahul probably this is a case of acl tear in your left knee. Nothing will come if u get a x-ray. I advice you to immediately go for a MRI test and then you will be cleared with the problem. One thing I can assure you that if you are feeling an instability in your knee then it is a case of grade 3 acl rupture. Surgery is the only solution.

  4. if your ligament is damaged then do exercise for recovery , like physiotherapy.
    but first check MRI of your knee to check that your ligament is damaged or broken.

  5. Hi..i am an athlete and one day i slipped and fell…tore the ACL in the left knee…it can only be detected in MRI and can only be repaired by surgery except in growing children. .i am already 16 so there was no chance of it healing on its own…i would advicd surgery because in the long term your knee starts buckling though surgery is a pain

  6. Sir I have been facing pblm since 1 year while playing footbl my acl got damage and dctr suggests for plaster and now thz is the 2 and time i m facing same pblm while plying cricket my knee bones get slide due to lots of pressure suddenly applied on it . I have done MRI in MRI report dctr have notice partial tear of my acl . so is it necessary to do surgery or not

    1. take a surgery ,if its acl ,surgery is the better option

  7. Hi , one week before I have a grade 1 sprain issue and acl was partially damaged and one doctor is suggestion that it will get healed automatically in 1-2 months. Is it true !? Kindly advice

  8. Dear doctor.
    I’m mohan
    3 years back when I play wrestling my leftnee is twisted in MRI it shows
    Chondromalasia patella..
    Now I can do anything ..but after the pain will comes at the
    Particular place…
    Please give solution

  9. Hi sir,
    My name is Manigandan . I have problem in ligament of left Knee. The MRI report says, Complete tear in the proximal portion of ACL. Doctor told to go for surgery but am asking there is any possibilities for cure this without surgery.Is ligament will joint by taking healthy foods?…please suggest me sir…

    1. I had a complete rupture of the ACL and 2 tears in the meniscus. My orthopedic surgeon said that in the UK, they do not perform surgery unless you are an athlete or your knee continues to be unstable after physio. I am on month 4 of physio to strenghten the muscles to compensate for the injuries and my physiotherapist said that I will be able to recover most of the normal functions of my knee without surgery. So if you don’t want surgery, get a referral for a physiotherapist. For nutrition try protein, vitamin C, D and magnesium – spinach, almonds, eggs, fish, soy, tofu, dairy, beans, lentils, fruit etc. are all good. Good luck.

    2. surgery is the only way to get back to normal activities. If you’re a sportive person go for acl reconstruction using patella. If you want to get back to normal activities opt for acl reconstruction using harmstring.

  10. sir i had a accident before a month initially i checked up to dr. they just suggest for rest after 10 days i again went to dr. he said wear knee cap it will recover slowly.. i m unable to bend my left knee more then 30degree.. what is the solution is there ligaments related issue

  11. Hi sir, i had a knee ligament problem when i was playing football say me a solution to recover as soon as possible

    1. visit a doctor and check the grade of your ligament injury. There are four ligaments in knee. Come back and specify the grade and type of ligament after visiting doctor. I will suggest you the best option.

  12. Hi sir.. am Sathish nearly 8 times I slipped first by accident and the rest while playing cricket……later I took MRI was taken in that they found a complete tear of ACL and lateral there any solution for makes good recovery?

  13. Hello Sir ,

    I am 25 years old recently before three weeks while I was playing cricket, suddenly my left knee got damaged I have done MRI REPORT yesterday and come to know that grade 2 ACL injuries so is there any way to recover without surgery ??
    Please reply soon.

    Kalpesh Jain

    1. Hi

      It depends on how back is the injury. The actual area of tear and the MRI report and photo is important if can do without surgery.

      Do you want appointment this week to see the specialist?


  14. By your comment i noticed that you’re very active in sports. First thing you should know that when an ACL is torn completely there’s no way of healing on its own. The only way is surgery. I would recommend you to opt for ACL reconstruction using patella. After surgery it might be painful but after few months of hardwork in physiotheraphy you will be better n stronger.

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