Effective Ways to Relieve Back Pain

How to Relieve Back Pain – 3 Most Effective Ways

The most common form of back pain is associated with occupational and postural habits. Poor posture while sitting at the desk, lifting objects improperly, contact sports, and carrying an overloaded backpack daily, are examples of activities that can cause repetitive stress on your back muscles. This muscle strain can affect both the upper and lower parts of your back, and the higher the pain is in the back, the more serious the potential problems can become. Read More

Arthritis in Finger Joints

Arthritis in Finger Joints: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Pain caused by arthritis can be quite uncomfortable, especially when it affects your finger joints. The symptoms of arthritis in fingers can make normal hand activities like grabbing an object and typing on your computer keyboard, particularly difficult. Hence, it limits your ability to perform simple everyday tasks and leaves a negative impact on your productivity level. The aftereffect of arthritis also depends on which type of arthritis you are suffering from, as it might cause more serious symptoms and increased discomfort. Read More

Knee Pain when Walking

Knee Pain when Walking: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Your knee is constantly under stress from supporting your body weight when you are doing various activities such as walking, jogging, climbing stairs, or simply standing up. This will eventually lead to knee pain – especially as you age and continue to put strain on your knees. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation is often the go-to DIY treatment for easing minor aches and pain, but to get the relief and treatment, you will need consultation with your doctors or trusted knee pain specialists in your area to provide proper diagnosis. Read More

Knee Pain when Bending

Knee Pain when Bending: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

In Asia, knee pain is a common symptom experienced at some stage of their lives. As easy as one can get knee pain, it can easily cause serious damage in the long run if not treated correctly. There are various treatments in providing relief but in some severe cases, surgical repair might be required. Before applying any medicine or treatment, you need to identify what are the causes of the pain. Read More