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Arthritis of the Thumb: Symptoms & Treatment

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Arthritis is a degenerative medical condition that affects and destroy a joint. There are different types of arthritis but the most common one is that affecting the basal joint and osteoarthritis. Thumb arthritis occurs when the cartilage is removed due to prolonged wear and tear from the thumb joint. It can result in severe pain in the hands, swelling and the inability to perform simple daily actions such as turning a doorknob. Studies have also shown that thumb arthritis is more common in women than men, especially for ladies over 40 years old. In fact, women above the age ofRead more



4 Ways on How to Relieve Hip Pain

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The hip joint is essentially a ball and socket joint that is designed to provide a near unrestricted range of motion and withstand this cyclic process and the wear and tear it brings along. Due to the frequency of usage, the hip joint can break down easily. The soft tissues located in the hip will be overused and injuries such as fractures and sprains can then happen, leading to hip pain. We will discuss about some ways to relieve hip pain in this article. Stretching exercises Stretching exercises help to keep the target group muscles warm and flexible. Exercises willRead more



Knee Popping Explained

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Knee popping and associated pain is an extremely common problem experienced by many and there are many possible causes for it. The only distinguishable way between various factors is the presence of pain that comes along with it. Painless popping is often insignificant whereas painful popping is an indication of something serious underlying. Let’s attempt to solve some mysteries of knee popping. Usually, knee popping is because the knee cap is loose. This can result from injury or ageing related wear and tear issues. Weak quadriceps muscles can also contribute to this knee popping phenomenon as it is inadequate toRead more



Does Cracking Knuckles Give You Arthritis?

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Cracking knuckles is a bad habit most males have. It seems to give them a sense of security and power. So what really causes that cracking sound? Well, our knuckles are covered by the synovial capsule which is filled with synovial fluid. There are also gases that are dissolved in the fluid such as oxygen and carbon dioxide. When the knuckle is cracked, the synovial capsule is stretched and the internal pressure is lowered, creating a bubble which eventually bursts, creating that popping sound. This is also the reason why you are unable to crack your knuckles continuously due toRead more



4 Most Common Injuries Incurred in Soccer

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Soccer is a high impact sport that is rather safe due to the protective equipment mandated during play. However, injuries still do occur to players and some of them can take up to a year to recover. Soccer is a fast paced game that requires frequent change of directions, sudden stops and twisting actions. Incorrect placement of the feet can cause ligaments to tear when attempting to change direction. Let’s discuss about the most common injuries incurred in soccer. Muscular strains Muscular strains are due to the over pulling of a certain muscle or the over contraction of a stiffRead more



Top 4 Most Injury Prone Activities for Youths

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The period of youth is perhaps the most important part of our lives. Our body starts to mature and we have much more energy than before. We are also more motivated and have a higher desire to try new things, especially athletic activities. However, it is also during our youth that we suffer most injuries and due to that, many of us are unable to participate in competitive sports in the future. There are some activities which are especially prone to injuries and let’s take a look at some of them in this article. Basketball Basketball is a competitive highRead more



What Should You Know About PCL Ligament Injury?

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Our knee is probably the most overused part of our body. We use it every single day without fail and this increases the risk of injury. It is also one of the most flexible parts of our body with the other being our shoulder. To increase the flexibility of a joint, certain functions and strength will have to decrease, making it more prone to injuries. However, there are 4 different knee ligaments that help to stabilise the knee, namely the anterior cruciate ligament, medial collateral ligament, lateral collateral ligament and posterior cruciate ligament. We will be focusing on the posteriorRead more



Sprained, Tears or Fractured?

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Sports injuries are inevitable at some point in time of your life. After a hard training session or a game of your favourite sports, there will definitely be those post game aches and pain that you will suffer which are perfectly normal. In unwanted cases, you could have landed badly from a jump or fell awkwardly on your shoulders, resulting in a swollen ankle or shoulder. You try to self medicate but what injury is it exactly? Is it a sprain, muscle tear or a fracture? How do you differentiate them from one another? Sprains A sprain occurs when youRead more