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Top 5 Trampoline Injuries: Prevention

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Having a trampoline in your backyard seems like a fun and exciting way to get outside and get to moving. While it could be fun, there are some serious trampoline injuries that can take place if precautions are not taken. These can include everything from broken bones and sprains to something even more serious such as concussions or neck injuries. Learning how to prevent the top four trampoline injuries from happening in your home is critical to keep the fun lasting for years to come. Here are some of the top four injuries that people deal with on a trampoline.Read more



4 Ways on How to Relieve Hip Pain

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The hip joint is essentially a ball and socket joint that is designed to provide a near unrestricted range of motion and withstand this cyclic process and the wear and tear it brings along. Due to the frequency of usage, the hip joint can break down easily. The soft tissues located in the hip will be overused and injuries such as fractures and sprains can then happen, leading to hip pain. We will discuss about some ways to relieve hip pain in this article. Stretching exercises Stretching exercises help to keep the target group muscles warm and flexible. Exercises willRead more



How Does Yoga Reduce Orthopaedic Injuries?

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No one in this world is born perfect. There are imbalances in various parts of our body and this can cause injuries if mishandled. Many sports athletes are now turning to an ancient form of practice – Yoga. Yoga helps to increase the flexibility and physical as well as mental strength of oneself. It helps to prevent injuries associated with overuse and speed up recovery of existing injuries. Yoga is normally conducted in a room that is slightly warm. This increase in temperature will allow muscles to expand and relax, allowing for an increase in stretching capabilities. Enhanced stretching willRead more



4 Most Common Gymnastics Injuries

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Gymnastics is a full body and physically demanding sport meant for all gender. Due to its stressful and challenging nature, risk of injuries are extremely high. Although most injuries are minor ones, some can be serious and life threatening! This risk is amplified when risky stunts are attempted. I will discuss some common Gymnastics injuries in this article. Wrist sprains The wrist is the most heavily used part of the body in Gymnastics. With the extreme twisting speed and jumps, the force acting on the wrist can be double of that of our body’s weight. Thus, the wrist is theRead more



Home treatments – Ankle Sprains

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Ankle sprains are common orthopaedic injuries involving the ankle and minor ankle sprains will heal on their own. Ankle sprains happen due to the ligaments in the ankle tearing because of sudden shifts into positions that are unusual. Minor ankle sprains take between 2 to 4 weeks to heal and more serious ones will take up to 6 months. Home treatment is often sufficient to relieve pain and speed up the healing process. RICE Following an ankle sprain, RICE should be done immediately. RICE is simply Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate. Do not add any more stress to your injuredRead more



5 Common Injuries Suffered by Dancers

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Dancing is a physical activity that is accompanied with a certain level or risk. Dancing is something that needs to be gradually built up from scratch and one cannot simply jump into it expecting to do something they have never tried. Proper warm up and stretching as well as cooling down exercises will need to be performed religiously before and after every session. Injuries can be career threatening to any dancer and it is important to take precautions to prevent them from happening. Meniscus Knee Tear Dancing requires a lot of jumping and knee twisting actions accompanied by sudden directionRead more



Sprained, Tears or Fractured?

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Sports injuries are inevitable at some point in time of your life. After a hard training session or a game of your favourite sports, there will definitely be those post game aches and pain that you will suffer which are perfectly normal. In unwanted cases, you could have landed badly from a jump or fell awkwardly on your shoulders, resulting in a swollen ankle or shoulder. You try to self medicate but what injury is it exactly? Is it a sprain, muscle tear or a fracture? How do you differentiate them from one another? Sprains A sprain occurs when youRead more