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What is Slipped Herniated Disc?

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Our spine is composed entirely of bones called vertebrae and providing them with cushioning are small discs called the intervertebral discs. Over time, the intervertebral discs can lose their elasticity and will place the spine at a higher risk of injury. Pain in the spinal disc have many different terms, the common ones being “pinched nerve”, “slipped disc” and “slipped herniated disc”. The truth is, all of the terms refer to the same thing. Many patients who suffer from back pain, leg pain and the weakening of the lower core muscles are usually diagnosed as suffering from slipped herniated disc.Read more



7 symptoms of slipped disc that you should be aware of

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Slipped disc or herniated disc happens when a part of the disc in the spine ruptures and the gel in it leaks out. This will place stress and pressure on the surrounding nerves and cause pain and discomfort in the patient. Many patients have slipped discs without them even realising it. Depending on the location of the slipped disc, the pain and discomfort will vary. Here are some of the symptoms of slipped disc that you should know. Pain in the arms and legs If the location of the slipped disc is at the lower back, there will be severeRead more



4 exercises to relieve a slipped disc

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Herniated disc or slipped disc occurs when a disc in the spin between the vertebrae ruptures and compresses against one of the spinal nerves, causing pain, tingling sensation and numbness. There are many methods to treat slipped disc with anti-inflammatory medication and physical therapy the most common ones. Exercises are also an excellent and effective method to help relieve pain. While exercises can help, it can also possibly aggravate the condition if it is overdone. Clasp hand stretch Hand clasp stretch exercises will help to prevent stiffness of the shoulders due to a slipped disc. This is due to theRead more



4 tips to care for your slipped disc injury

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Care for a slipped disc injury is often simple. A short period of pure rest and medication is usually sufficient. For slightly more serious cases, physical therapy may be required. About 5% of the patients will not recover and will thus require further treatment such as injections or even surgery. For the 95% who recover, they are often able to return to pre-injury levels. Compress A hot compress may be applied on the back to relieve pain if swelling is not present. Heat will help to relieve muscular tightness and increase the elasticity of the muscles and connective tissues, significantlyRead more



Dealing With Slipped Disc – Treatment & Surgery

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Situated between the vertebrae of our spines are protective, shock absorbing cushions called discs. The disc makes the spine strong and stable and gives the spine the ability to take stress. However when a s disc splits or ruptures and bulges out of its original position, it causes tremendous pain and discomfort to the patient. This is known as slipped disc. Causes Slipped disc can be caused by many factors. Most common factors include aging and a loss of elasticity of the discs, sudden heavy twisting or turning and large strain forces from physical activities. Slip Disc Treatment For minorRead more