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Most Common Cycling Injuries: Prevention

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When it comes to a fun way getting in your exercise or even getting from point A to point B, cycling has been the number one way for many years. People of all ages enjoy riding their bikes out on trails, in their neighborhoods and even renting them at the beaches. One problem that comes with this mode of fun and exercise is cycling injuries. Learning how you can prevent these from happening to you will keep you happily cycling for years to come. Check out the common cycling injuries below and a few tips on how to prevent themRead more



Neck Sprain: Cause & Treatments

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The cervical vertebrae of the spine consist of seven bones that are connected to each other by strong fibrous tissues such as the ligaments, tendons and muscles. A sprain occurs when one of these tissues are stretched beyond its limit. This can happen during a sudden movement such as a car accident, causing the neck to bend to the extreme. The neck is an extremely smart structure that is designed to house and protect our backbone – the spinal cord. The spinal cord provides support to our head and consists of millions of nerves that acts as signals and transmittersRead more



Cervical Spondylosis: Symptoms and Treatments

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Neck pain is a common complaint experienced by many and is often the result of ageing. This is due to our cervical spine degenerating due to age, resulting in arthritis in the body. When arthritis happens in the neck, it is called neck arthritis or medically known as cervical spondylosis. One important thing to note is that cervical spondylosis is often non-life threatening. In this article, we will discuss about the causes, symptoms and treatments available for cervical spondylosis. Causes As we age, degeneration occurs and the interverterbral discs located between our spinal disks will start to lose its moistureRead more



Stiff Neck – An Underlying Spine Disorder?

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Stiff neck causes pain and discomfort when attempting to move your neck. It is often due to injury to the soft tissues and ligaments at the neck region. It is usually accompanied by pain and soreness in the neck, shoulder and arm. Symptoms can last for quite a fair bit of time and it can be relieved using medication or a warm compress. For cases whereby the symptoms go away in a couple of days, there isn’t much of an underlying issue. Stiff neck can occur when you wake up after having slept in an awkward position for a longRead more



Common Upper Back and Neck Injuries

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Our neck is one of the part of our body that is used a lot throughout the day and neck. Our neck is extremely flexible but due to the lack of any form of muscle support, it has to bear the weight and stress of our head, placing it at a high risk of injury. Any forms of sudden impact can cause serious injuries and damages to the ligaments. Our spine runs from our back to the neck and it communicates with the entire body by sending nerve signals. One thing that many people fail to recognise is that painRead more



Stiff Neck – Cause And Relief!

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Have you ever woke up to a stiff neck before? That uncomfortable and tight feeling that makes movement almost impossible and causing you a lot of discomfort throughout the entire day. Stiff neck are frequently experienced by many and it will usually go away by itself after a few days. You may rest assure that stiff neck is not an indication of any serious problems with your neck. So what are some of the causes of stiff neck and what measures can you take to relief it? Causes: Injury Injuries are one of the most common reasons that one willRead more



Top 8 Whiplash Symptoms and Treatment

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Whiplash is an injury to the neck which is often cause by an unexpected increase in acceleration or deceleration force. This injury does damages to both the soft tissues and the bone structures of the neck. Some doctor will refer a much more severe injury of whiplash as “whiplash associated disorders”. Most commonly, this injury occurs when someone met with an accident. In this article, let us look at what are the top ten symptoms of whiplash injury. 1)     Neck Pain and stiffness Once you are experiencing prolong neck pain or stiffness, it is likely that you might have beenRead more