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5 Most Common Sports Injuries

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Sports injuries are common injuries for athletes and they can affect every part of our musculoskeletal system. There are hundreds of sports injuries out there and some can have a serious impact on the future of the athlete’s career. Read on to find out which injuries are the most common ones suffered. Achilles Tendinitis Achilles Tendinitis is an injury that occurs when the Achilles tendon which is located at the back of the ankle is overused. It occurs commonly in athletes who are involved in sporting activities that requires them to jump, hop or run for prolonged periods of timeRead more



3 Common Procedures Performed By Orthopaedic Surgeons

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Orthopaedic surgeries are surgeries that involve the musculoskeletal system including our hands, shoulders, foot and knees. It is one of the most established arm of surgery and one of the most important. At one point or another in our lives, we will definitely require orthopaedic surgery to deal with issues such as sports injuries, musculoskeletal injuries or degenerative diseases. What are some common procedures performed by orthopaedic surgeons? Total joint replacement Due to ageing or diseases, a healthy joint can be damaged and rendered almost useless. In order to regain the full range of motion of a good quality lifestyle,Read more



Various Locations Arthroscopy Can Be Performed At

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Arthroscopy surgery actually stems from 2 Greek words, “Arthro” and “Skopein” which means to see within the joint. Arthroscopy is a pin-hole surgery that involves the surgeon making multiple small incisions in the region of interest and inserting small surgical tools, cameras and lights. The high resolution arthroscope is connected to a high definition television which will help the surgeon to see what is going on inside. Since the incisions made are much smaller than conventional open surgery, the recovery time reduces significantly and the risk of infection is much lower. With so many apparent benefits Arthroscopy has over conventionRead more



4 Most Common Gymnastics Injuries

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Gymnastics is a full body and physically demanding sport meant for all gender. Due to its stressful and challenging nature, risk of injuries are extremely high. Although most injuries are minor ones, some can be serious and life threatening! This risk is amplified when risky stunts are attempted. I will discuss some common Gymnastics injuries in this article. Wrist sprains The wrist is the most heavily used part of the body in Gymnastics. With the extreme twisting speed and jumps, the force acting on the wrist can be double of that of our body’s weight. Thus, the wrist is theRead more



4 Steps To Reduce Risk of ACL Injury

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  There are 4 main ligaments in our knee which gives rise to the stability. The ligaments work together to prevent excessive motion to the knee joint and prevent over stretching which might lead to injuries. The most important ligament out of the 4 is the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). However, ACL injuries are also the most common ligament injury and many teenagers have had ACL reconstruction performed on them. So what are some steps you can take to help reduce the risk of ACL injury? Before knowing how to reduce the risk of ACL injuries, you should understand howRead more